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While the COVID-19 Pandemic imposes uncertainty on us and forces us to rethink our way of living and being a company, we have strengthened our conviction to contribute to a more sustainable relationship between humans and animals. 

Providing our guests with local and conscious food with the humane treatment of animals has always been part of our project. That is why we have our own laying hens, we are self-sufficient in eggs throughout the year, with our laying hens raised free-range in the field of Río Frío, Los Lagos Region. 

B&B - Sueños del Sur, is working together with Humane Society International, one of the largest global animal welfare organizations. And, aligned with the vision of a more humane world, we have decided to join the Cage-free campaign, to relieving the work of laying hens and supporting their well-being. 

We are proud to announce that, from now, WE WILL ONLY USE EGGS (fresh and in processed products) that come from chickens kept in 100% cage-free systems. 

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